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Launchpool Limited

Frequently asked questions Last revised date 16th July 2021

Team Details

  • Rich Simpson - Founder & CEO
  • Liam Robertson - Founder
  • Oscar Lindley-Smith - Founder
  • Laura Walsh - COO
  • Didar Hussain - Head of Operations
  • Roxana Nasoi - Head of Growth @ Launchpool, Head of Launchpool Labs incubator
  • Sam Harvey - Project Co-ordinator
  • Eleanor Rooney - Analyst

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What are the maximum limits that one can Stake across the Pools?

We have split 3 different Pools on BSC and 2 Pools on ETH, this way it keeps it fair and no one needs to fight with the whales for their allocation. You can stake in all pools, or in the pool of your choice.

The current BSC Pools are:

  • Pool 1 will have a staking limit of 50 $LPOOL tokens.
  • Pool 2 will have a staking limit of 250 $LPOOL tokens.
  • Pool 3 will have no staking limit of $LPOOL tokens.

The current ETH Pools are:

  • Pool 1 will have a staking limited of 300 $LPOOL tokens.
  • Pool 2 will have no staking limit of $LPOOL tokens.

What is $LPOOL?

$LPOOL is the native token of Launchpool and is the tool used to indicate interest in a new project. Staking $LPOOL allows holders to gain access to projects that otherwise would not be available to the public, granting them access in a private investment round, bound by a vesting schedule.

$LPOOL is your tool of choice for being your own VC, in short

How does $LPOOL Staking work?

There are 2 staking mechanisms available on Launchpool:

  1. Stake $LPOOL to earn more $LPOOL or partner project tokens. Subject to availability and PoP-Up Pools
  2. Stake $LPOOL to gain an allocation % in a project undergoing an Allocation Mining Event.
Stake $LPOOL to earn more $LPOOL or partner project tokens. What does this mean?

Along with buying $LPOOL on exchanges you can also stake your current $LPOOL to earn partner project tokens through a PoP-Up Pool (explained below).

Why $LPOOL tokens matter in the long run

Holders of $LPOOL get access to the earliest round of curated projects without the enormous capital requirements usually needed for early-round investing.

As well as various airdrops and deals may be offered to $LPOOL holders and stakers by partner projects.

Stake $LPOOL to gain an allocation % in a project undergoing an Allocation Mining Event at private seed valuation on the Launchpool launchpad. What does it mean?

This type of staking is a way of staking your $LPOOL tokens to be able to access exclusive pre-IDO projects at private seed price and vesting terms.

How to stake your $LPOOL in an AME

We announce Deposit Day(s) beforehand in the LP community and on our Twitter. Go to Enter your email address and a secure password (Register). Upon registration, confirm the account by clicking the link that is sent to your email address. Begin KYC (look for the button or select it from Dashboard).

Once your KYC has been accepted, you can stake your $LPOOL tokens in one of the 3 available staking pools. Remember to connect your Metamask to the App (use browser, not mobile).

We factor in TIME + AMOUNT, which will give you the final % you have gained in the allocation. A timer above the Staking Pools will indicate time left for staking LPOOL, and when you are able to deposit your ETH, and when you can claim your Allocation (tokens). Upon the end of the AME, your LPOOL will be returned to your address automatically.

Here is a video guide on how to participate: click here.

Private Seed Price Explained

Why LaunchPool community gets access to the best prices

By holding and using $LPOOL you can show direct and concrete interest in the cutting-edge of crypto. This, combined with our well-known industry partners such as Alphabit fund and 11 other top tier funds, allows projects to feel comfortable giving you exclusive deals, and access to private investment opportunities in their projects before they do a public IDO.

How We Started (liquidity and native pools; PuPs)

We set on this journey with Launchpool to democratise the digital asset investments landscape. The game felt rigged. The entry points were difficult to achieve unless you had the knowledge or the financial power to sustain a position in a crypto project. More experienced players (crypto funds, whales, exchanges) had the upper hand, making it impossible for an egalitarian offering, even if project teams would be open to it. Unless investors get into the project early, the returns were almost impossible to achieve. Launchpool was born out of a desire to support the entire ecosystem, from retail investors, to whales, funds, projects, marketers, and stakeholders alike. We created a unique investment instrument to support the decentralised economy of the future, by offering investors private sale opportunities, pre-IDO, with the same vesting schedules and bonuses as funds & partners received.

How It’s Going (4 projects/month, public app launch)

We couldn't have asked for a better response! So far we have over 10,000 KYC’ed members taking part in AMEs, an average of 1,000 to 2,000 wallets taking part in AMEs, and a minimum of 4 projects launching on a monthly basis.

Vesting Explained

How Vesting Time Works

When you participate in either PuPs or AMEs your holding tokens may be vested according to a customised vesting schedule. It is rare for tokens on our Launchpool launchpad to not offer a vesting schedule. This is common in all early-stage investing.

For example a VC might get 100 shares with a vesting schedule of 25 shares being unlocked per year (meaning after 4 years the investor would be fully vested). Different vesting schedules have different lengths and payouts.

You can learn more here: click here.

Why Vesting Time Matters

Normally in token generation events or crowdfunded projects, tokens are released all at once after the fundraising is over, which creates the risk of everyone dumping right out of the gate. In early-stage investing, tokens are ‘vested’ meaning that they will be given out over time rather than all at once to make sure that whales and whoever is fast enough doesn’t have an edge over smaller investors. Vesting is a way in which early investors (private investors, funds, VCs) can get into early rounds while also not creating a race-to-the-bottom when they receive their equity/token bag. In this way vesting aligns incentives between both the project and investor.

Both PuPs and AME projects on Launchpool may be vested, so be sure to check the terms before investing.

Fees and Smart Contracts Explained

A Smart Contract is a program that runs on a decentralized network like Ethereum, BSC, and others. Unlike normal programs however, it cannot be stopped or censored by any one central authority. More here: click here.

Gas in Ethereum is like gas in your car. To do something on the ETH network (like participating in an AME) you need to have enough gas in the form of ETH to use the smart contract.

Explainer 1: click here.

Explainer 2: click here.

Please check the gas fees carefully before using any smart contract.

What is a Pre-IDO?

A Pre-IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is a small private sale allocation which is vested.
Stage 1. $LPOOL Staking => Earn Rewards (free tokens)

In stage one of the $LPOOL distribution any of the holders of 10 different tokens were allowed to stake their tokens to get 25% of the total $LPOOL supply to create a fair distribution of $LPOOL. This phase is now over. Thank you so much to all who participated.

If you are currently an $LPOOL holder you may stake your tokens to get free tokens in PuPs or Friendship Pools (subject to availability).

Stage 2. $LPOOL Staking => Access Key to Private Seed-Price Deals (Projects)

In Stage 2 of Launchpool we introduced Allocation Mining Events (AME) which allow investors to gain access to early-round token offers. We also expanded to support projects on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to allow for lower fee participation and scaling. Layer 2 solutions are currently in the works for lowering fees in Ethereum.

“AME” Allocation Mining Event Explained (Step by Step):

Long story short of how AME works:
  1. Tokens at early-round prices are allocated to Launchpool
  2. $LPOOL users stake their $LPOOL (even 1 token can participate!) to get the ability to buy these tokens in proportion to how much $LPOOL they stake and for how long. The more $LPOOL you stake the more tokens you will be able to buy at early-round prices.
  3. Once allocated stakers can choose to buy the holding token of the project with ETH/USDC/BNB/BUSD.
  4. You collect your tokens, unstake your $LPOOL, and you're done!

(Note: You do not lose your $LPOOL when you stake it to gain access to projects).

What wallets do you support in order to stake into the launchpool?

We only support Metamask or Portis Wallet. We also recommend using a desktop wallet instead of a mobile wallet where possible.

How to use MetaMask Wallet in Launchpool?

How to Create New Metamask Wallet for Ethereum Network

Go to and download the wallet for your specific browser. Click “Create a wallet”. Add a strong password (min. 8 characters, combination of letters, symbols, and numbers) to your account (save it somewhere safe, in a password vault manager like 1Pass or Bitwarden).

Important!!! Write down your seed phrase (Make sure to not lose it or show it to anyone and NEVER input it into a website!) and you’re done!

How to replicate your Metamask Wallet for Binance Smart Chain

The equivalent BSC tokens to ERC20 on Ethereum are BEP20, and all tokens on BSC must be BEP20. You can’t move your ERC20 tokens around on BSC. To move them across, you must swap the ERC20 tokens to BEP20 tokens via a bridge. Launchpool has created a bridge with our good friends at Multichain.

Follow this very detailed guide from Binance on how to setup your Metamask for BSC faucet:

How to Import Wallet

If you already have an Ethereum wallet you can import it via its seed phrase, private key, or json file, please follow this link to restore your Wallet or Import wallet: click here

How to Connect LaunchPool dApp to Metamask

Simply go to our website at and click “Launch App”. Pick which Metamask account you want to add. Proceed.

How to add a smart contract address to metamask

To view your holding token (the temporary token you get before the rewards are distributed) add the holding tokens contract address into your Metamask wallet. For example the PredictX holding token (LPH1) contract address was 0x6e51a92f2d131f595bd451f393b2a3a519c3ede7

To do this click on your wallet icon. Click “Add Token”. Click the “Custom Token” tab. Then paste in the token address starting with 0x….

(Note: DO NOT move your holding token or you may not get your rewards)

How to switch between Mainnet ETH and Testnets (i.e. Rinkeby)

By default you are connected to the Ethereum Mainnet. To connect to the Ethereum testnets click the button at the top that says “Ethereum Mainnet” and click which testnet you want to use. Keep in mind Launchpool is live only on the Mainnet ETH and Mainnet BSC.

Video Walkthroughs

How to use Portis Wallet in Launchpool?

Portis Wallet (note: there is very little documentation on how to use this wallet and some users have reported getting phished after adding their email).

How is Portis different from MetaMask

Portis is a lot like Metamask but allows you to use multiple blockchains along side Ethereum such as Bitcoin, EOS, xDai, BSC, ect and you don’t need to install a browser extension.

Create Wallet

Head to to create your new wallet. For more details on how to create a Portis wallet please check out their official FAQ:

Import Wallet

You can import your existing wallet into Portis by going Menu > Security > Recovery Phrase.

How to Connect LaunchPool dApp to Portis

Log into your Portis account Select “Portis wallet”. You should now be able to use Launchpool.

How to add a smart contract address to Portis

(this feature may not be supported in Portis):

Staking Pool Size Change

There will be only 2 staking pools on Ethereum moving forward. We previously had a 50 LPOOL pool, a 250 LPOOL pool & an un-capped pool, we will now only have a 300 LPOOL pool & an unlimited pool.

  • The 50 LPOOL will merge with the 250 LPOOL pool, resulting in a staking pool capped at 300 LPOOL;
  • The newly formed 300 LPOOL staking pool will get 2/3rds of the allocation, while the unlimited staking pool will get the remaining 1/3rd.
  • BSC projects will continue with the 50/250/unlimited staking pools setup.
  • For projects like CCAI doing an AME and raising on USDC, we will also be offering 2 staking pools, following the same format as the ETH ones.

Binance Smart Chain Offering

Launchpool is excited to announce that we have now finalised the Binance Smart Chain integration. We have been looking at providing our users with a solution to bridge tokens to popular EVM chains. To facilitate our own token move to BSC we used the services of, an user-friendly solution that we’ll be exploring further in the near future. See the “How to” below to move your tokens across.

Launchpool ($LPOOL) BEP-20 Token Information
  • Our token is now on Binance Smart Chain. You can see it on the explorer here.
  • Contract address: 0xcfb24d3c3767364391340a2e6d99c64f1cbd7a3d

Can you tell me a bit about Phase 2, how will it work?

Our Phase 2 preview sneak peek is live! Check out how our pre-investment pools will work once the Launchpool platform has been updated!

Please view video in the the twitter announcement below:

Where can I find out how Lauchpool works, do you have any links to articles?

Launchpool allows all community members to invest in private sales of the latest cryptocurrency projects, which normally would be reserved for large investment funds, at the same price as the funds.

Please see the medium articles for more information:

What is the current supply of the tokens and what does the release schedule look like?

💰Tokenomics 💰

  • 👉 Total Supply: 10M
  • 👉 Initial Circulating Supply = 300,000 $LPOOL released on 22nd February with approximately 94,444 tokens per day released thereafter for the 90-day farming period)
  • 👉 $LPOOL Price at IDO = US$1

Launchpool has a total supply of 10 million LPOOL tokens. Aside from the 25% reserve of tokens held for endeavour rewards and operational requirements, all other tokens will be distributed over a 90 day period period.

We expect the circulating supply of $LPOOL after the conclusion of the Phase 1 farm to be ~7M $LPOOL (approximately 23rd of May 2021).

How do PUPs and Friendship Pools work?

PuPs are something we do to give back to the community. Sometimes they’re tokens that are already in the market and sometimes they’re private sale tokens that come with vesting schedules. When the PuP is a Private Sale token, you will be given a Holding Token until the project launches. Friendship PuPs act in a similar fashion: you stake LPOOL or partner project tokens, and earn more tokens / LPOOL tokens.

Please see the following document for more details:

What is the life cycle of a PuP?

PUP’s will vary in their offerings, small and large value, pre-investment to public tokens. Each PuP will have its own details, offers, and terms, but they will all have this basic information: Token Name, Symbol, Rewards, Pricing of Native Token, Limit (if any), Start/End block, and Contract Address.

Any other details will be provided and you can chat with us about it on our Telegram Support Chat: if you have any questions about a particular project.

How to access PuPs with $LPOOL Staking

Go to, check the available staking options. Connect your wallet. Pick whichever PuP you would like to stake your $LPOOL in. Stake however much or little $LPOOL you would like. Enjoy your new tokens!

Where can I stake LPOOL

Go to, check the available staking options.

Should you unstake after the AME

After the AME is over it will be moved to the retired section. You should unstake when you can, there will be more than enough time.

What is the contract address?

You can view contract address information on coingecko:


What is the BSC $LPOOL BEP20 address?

Contract address: 0xcfb24d3c3767364391340a2e6d99c64f1cbd7a3d

BSCScan Explorer:

Where to buy?

Currently Launchpool can be purchased via Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and KuCoin Exchange (LPOOL - USDT; LPOOL - BTC).

How do token unlocks work currently? Are there vesting periods for private sale investors?

Each Project will have its own vesting schedule, we will release all information on this before the sale is live.

When will the PredictX tokens be distributed?

For PredictX you're just getting a holding token for now, as soon as PredictX launch, the real token will be distributed. Their vesting schedule is 10% on launch then 1 year monthly vesting.

It is important to not move the holding token from the wallet address where it resides after unstaking from the PredictX pool

Is there a whitepaper?

A whitepaper will be published for Launchpool Labs - the incubator.

How are staking rewards claimed?

Once you stake or Unstake, your rewards will automatically be harvested.

What are the token addresses for the previous tokens?

  1. $LPOOL Contract Address (BSC): 0xcfb24d3c3767364391340a2e6d99c64f1cbd7a3d
    $LPOOL Contract Address (ERC-20): 0x6149c26cd2f7b5ccdb32029af817123f6e37df5b
  2. $MHT contract address (ERC-20): 0x89bfe33a7969e28c411a7fcb3b26f4acdf7ea80d
  3. $SOME contract address (BSC): 0xc039c13470be809bed1c2cd42339ccb22e0970f2
  4. $UHT contract address (ERC-20): 0x0f64873aeEEFB4A9D6AE239C9428F268f57B1242
  5. Predict X (Erc20): 0x6e51a92f2d131f595bd451f393b2a3a519c3ede7
  6. $RHT Contract address (ERC-20): 0x636253B86AdcfBb3A1Ac20458ccD3552e4bC3d67
  7. $THT contract (ERC20): 0x6f9Ca03F12591DbEf0DEEd56A0d7FebAce1288e3
  8. $RAI contract address (bsc): 0x0e128fb9f266f0cfedeb3b789f6fd4af50d51b84
  9. $YLD contract address (ERC-20): 0xf94b5c5651c888d928439ab6514b93944eee6f48
  10. $CBDHT Contract Address (ERC-20): 0x9bC711b719c3169ce3f3f5cAB35F2c5209e22Bfa
    $CBD address (BSC): 0x0e2b41ea957624a314108cc4e33703e9d78f4b3c
  11. $RSHT (BSC): 0xfB7c3240e8EfDB55438E85381452db27B328D645
  12. $BPHT (ERC-20): 0x13cfab00512b917acad10e652069de084ed75037
  13. $UFARM address (BSC): 0x40986a85b4cfcdb054a6cbfb1210194fee51af88
  14. $CCAIHT Address (ERC-20): 0x0224D36267d4fDb65099240e5ABf38752833b897
  15. $RAHT Address (ERC-20): 0x8Ac528d5D30942fe088423901EcE397917E29877
  16. $ROSN contract address (BSC): 0x651cd665bd558175a956fb3d72206ea08eb3df5b
  17. $SDAO contract address (ERC-20): 0x993864e43caa7f7f12953ad6feb1d1ca635b875f
  18. $ALM contract address (ERC-20): 0x7C38870e93A1f959cB6c533eB10bBc3e438AaC11

Couldn’t get all the answers? It’s okay, just drop us your question (or feedback) here and we will get back to you.

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