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Team Details

  • Rich Simpson - Founder & CEO
  • Liam Robertson - Founder
  • Oscar Lindley-Smith - Founder
  • Didar Hussain - Head of Operations
  • Roxana Nasoi - Head of Growth @ Launchpool, Head of Launchpool Labs
  • Sam Harvey - Project Co-ordinator
  • Jean-marc Griffith - Community and Socials Lead
  • Eleanor Rooney - Analyst

How Launchpool Started

We set on this journey with Launchpool to democratise the digital asset investments landscape. The game felt rigged. The entry points were difficult to achieve unless you had the knowledge or the financial power to sustain a position in a crypto project. More experienced players (crypto funds, whales, exchanges) had the upper hand, making it impossible for an egalitarian offering, even if project teams would be open to it. Unless investors get into the project early, the returns were almost impossible to achieve.

Launchpool was born out of a desire to support the entire ecosystem, from retail investors, to whales, funds, projects, marketers, and stakeholders alike. We created a unique investment instrument to support the decentralised economy of the future, by offering investors private sale opportunities, pre-IDO, with the same vesting schedules and bonuses as funds & partners received.

What is $LPOOL?

$LPOOL is the native token of the Launchpool platform and is the tool used to stake interest in a new project. Staking $LPOOL allows holders to gain access to projects that otherwise would not be available to the public, granting them access in a private investment round, bound by a vesting schedule.

How does $LPOOL Staking work?

In order to claim a guaranteed allocation of one of the projects on the Launchpool platform, users must stake $LPOOL to gain a % in a project undergoing an Allocation Mining Event. The % of the total project allocation that you will be granted depends on the amount of $LPOOL you stake, which pool/s you stake into and for how long. At the end of a project’s staking period you will be able to pay for your allocation in BUSD and your $LPOOL will be returned to you.

Here is a video guide on how to participate: click here

How to stake your $LPOOL in an AME

We announce new projects across our Twitter, Telegram and Discord channels. In order to participate you need to have a KYC’d account on

To set up an account:

  • Go to
  • Click register and enter your email address and a secure password.
  • Upon registration, confirm the account by clicking the link that is sent to your email.
  • Complete the KYC process by submitting the relevant documentation.
  • Once your KYC has been accepted, you can partake in the staking pools.

What are the maximum limits that one can Stake across the Pools?

We have split 3 different Pools on BSC and 2 Pools on ETH, this way it keeps it fair and no one needs to fight with the whales for their allocation. You can stake in all pools, or in the pool of your choice.

The current Pools are:

  • Pool 1 has a staking limit of 50 $LPOOL tokens.
  • Pool 2 has a staking limit of 250 $LPOOL tokens.
  • Pool 3 has no maximum staking limit.

How does Launchpool get access to Private rounds for the community?

As a partner to Alphabit fund, one of the first major cryptoasset funds, alongside partnerships with a number of other top tier digital asset funds, Launchpool gains access to new project dealflow at the same rounds, and gives that to $LPOOL holders. This allows projects to feel comfortable giving you exclusive deals, and access to private investment opportunities in their projects before they do a public IDO.

What is a vesting schedule?

When you participate on the Launchpool platform, the project tokens you are allocated will be vested according to a vesting schedule decided on by the project and laid out in their tokenomics. It is rare for tokens on the Launchpool platform to not offer a vesting schedule.

A vesting schedule works to limit the number of tokens you receive, splitting the token allocation over a defined period of time, usually because you received the tokens at a lower valuation than later entrants.

For example an investor might get 100 tokens with a vesting schedule of 25 tokens unlocked per year (meaning after 4 years the investor would be fully vested). Different vesting schedules have different lengths and payouts.

To learn more click here.

Why Vesting Matters

With IDOs, tokens are released all at once after the fundraising is over, which creates the risk of everyone dumping right out of the gate. However, with Launchpool’s Pre-IDOs, tokens are vested, meaning that they will be given out over time rather than all at once in an attempt to mitigate mass selling upon listing. Vesting is a way in which early investors (private investors, funds, VCs) can get into early rounds while also not creating a race-to-the-bottom when they receive their tokens. In this way vesting aligns incentives between both the project and investor.

What is a Pre-IDO?

A Pre-IDO (Pre-Initial DEX Offering) is a small private sale allocation offered to the Launchpool community with vested tokens. We call these Pre-IDO’s “Allocation Mining Events” or AMEs.

How does it work?

Allocation mining events run as followed:

  • Launchpool sources early-stage, private round deals from exciting new projects.
  • New projects are updated to the platform here.
  • Launchpool users stake their $LPOOL tokens into the project staking pools.
  • The AME runs for a week to allow everyone to “mine” their allocation.
  • The deposit window opens for payment of your mined allocation in $BUSD.
  • Users pay for their tokens in $BUSD and get their $LPOOL returned to them.

What is a PuP?

Pop-Up-Pools (PuPs) are shorter staking pools that we do to give free tokens from projects to the Launchpool community. Sometimes they are tokens that are already in the market and sometimes they are private sale tokens that come with vesting schedules. PuP’s will vary in their offerings, small and large value, pre-investment to public tokens. Each PuP will have its own details, offers, and terms, but they will always be free as our way of showing appreciation to the Launchpool community.

Which wallets does Launchpool support?

Currently, Launchpool only supports Metamask. We also recommend using a desktop instead of a mobile for the best experience.

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Where can one buy $LPOOL?

Currently Launchpool can be purchased via Uniswap, Pancakeswap, KuCoin, and Hotbit.

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